Rental Policy / Agreement

1. Deposits: A minimum non-refundable deposit of 25% is required at time of reservation. No orders are considered confirmed without deposit, which is the customer’s responsibility.

2. Rental Rates: All charges are for a one-day usage rental period. JW Tent & Party Rental does offer extended rates. If you require a longer rental, please contact us for rate information.

3. Delivery Policy: Delivery is to the first floor door or garage that is accessible to our truck. Delivery does not include set up or take down of equipment (with exception of tents). Delivered items are to be stacked and ready for pick up with NO EXCEPTIONS or will incur additional charges.  Delivery days are typically scheduled for Thursdays or Fridays (unless your event date is not on a weekend). Saturday mornings are available for emergency purposes only. Pick ups are typically scheduled for Sundays and Mondays (occasional Tuesdays).

4. Linens: Linens must be free of food and dry to prevent staining and mildew. A FULL replacement cost is charged for lost, torn, burned, or stained linens. Please do not try to wash the linens yourself, as a specific treatment is needed for our linens.

5. Late charges will be added to the rental invoice for each day late, which also applies to customers that are scheduled pick-up. If the customer does make themselves available for pick-up, a daily late charge will be imposed.

6. Final Payment is due at delivery time with cash or check.

7. Broken, Lost or Damaged items will be charged at the full replacement value. We check each order to avoid mistakes and request that you count the order as well upon taking possession. Once you accept the order, you are fully responsible.

8. Security & Weather Protection. Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessor from time of delivery to time of pick-up/return. Items should be in a secure weather protected place.

9. Tables and chairs must be folded and stacked in the same manner as delivered. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 labor charge.

You are responsible to read this contract.


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